{anything and everything special event and home decor}

reEVENT is a movement

it's an idea

it's Inspiration and Educational galore

Think before you toss...

Get your GREEN on!!


1.  reCYCLE...more!!!

2.  rePURCHASE....more reCYCLED, upCYCLED and all Natural

3.  reEVALUATE....Do not purchase anything new unless it has multiple functions and uses

4.  reINVENT....Be creative with what you already own

5.  reBOOST....Support more local businesses, especially those who reCYCLE

6.  reDUCE....Think before throwing things in the trash...can the item be reCYCLED, upCYCLED or Donated?

7.  reWORK....Hand make more gifts this year

8.  reTHINK....Shop GoodWill & other City Thrift Stores for items before going elsewhere...the savings are phenomenal and the money goes to a good cause

9.  reSTITCH!!...  unused clothing into other functional items such as pillows, kitchen towels, napkins, material flowers, grocery bags and purses

10.  reCLAIM!!! ~ Don't let it go to the DUMP!!!....salvage items from dumpsters and the curb to lower the trash in our landfills

 Pallet Garden! 

Yes, they're food cans.  Holes can be drilled in the bottoms to allow for proper drainage.  This idea can also be done on any wooden fence.  Ooo la la!

Kindly Think Before You Toss.  It's not trash if there is a use. 






Vowing to reCYCLE and reUSE:

'Vases' from Tabasco and old spice jars, doilies from flea markets and wood slices from a fallen tree.  All to be reDesigned in the newlyweds home decor!  

Now THAT's reEVENT!! 


Visit our sister company, 
The Monarch Flower Co.
 for Natural and Sustainable Bouquets...


Natural & sustainable ecoCHIC bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more. 

Bouquets are created from reClaimed and all Natural materials including:  sola {tapioca} wood flowers, vintage buttons and brooches,   Old candlesticks, knobs and screwdrivers never looked so good!

More than just a bridal bouquet ~ it's a keepsake.

Use corks for all sorts of fun decor projects ~ even darling boutonnieres!! 


Don't Throw it Away...Throw it Back.

Think before you toss!